DVD Uploads - Why are they taking so long?

You can upload DVD content through the project center for duplication and replication orders! 

ISO files are larger files that "could" time out before your upload finishes. Refresh your screen but don't X out of the program as it may continue to run in the background of your computer. Always be sure to compare the file size after you uploaded the file to the file size on your local computer to see if they match and we received all of the necessary content.

We've seen better success and faster uploads using Google Chrome over Internet Explorer.

You should check with your internet provider regarding your upload speed. Everyone advertises FAST download speeds but you'll need to check the fine print of your internet contract for your particular upload speeds which are WAY slower!

If you receive an error that a “file is missing”, it is because it has failed our validation for being a complete upload. TS_Video files should be uploaded in a zip folder not as individual files.

We don't recommend .avi files as they will play on a computer, but will not play in a dvd player.

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