Can you use the same content and art that I just uploaded to my artist page?

If you have an album that is LIVE and FOR SALE with CD Baby, then you can use this same content for a disc you are manufacturing!

While assembling the content portion of your project, you will you see the option to use a master on file with CD Baby.

Please note:

CD Baby has two different sites.

One is called the Artist site -

This is where artists sign up for digital distribution before manufacturing physical discs.

The other site is for manufacturing physical discs -

While you can use the same log in for both sites, each site is unique and uses different processes.

The artwork is a different situation! The artwork required for disc manufacturing requires 300dpi files set up in our templates. The artwork supplied for the artist site is generally at 72 dpi and only a thumbnail. Stretching that image would distort the resolution and make it un-usable for manufacturing.


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