I've registered my album on CD Baby's site already. Can you use that content for manufacturing a physical disc?

Yes we can!

CD Baby has two different sites.

One is called the Main Artist site -

This is where artists sign up for digital distribution before manufacturing physical discs.

The other site is for manufacturing physical discs -

While you can use the same log in for both sites, each site is unique and uses different processes. I'm afraid we require registration to create and save information on each site.

To use the content you are currently distributing on your physical release you need to create and save a quote from the manufacturing site -
and upload your artwork.

When you get to the content upload section of your project, there is a link to select if you want to use the content from your artist account. Once you select that option and click the next button, you will be prompted to log into your artist account to select the title you want us to use.

You will be able to complete the project after you make your selection.




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